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As an/a ambitious (trusted) plastic manufacturing company, Sun Sea Plastics has launched in the year 2005. We are specialized in this industry for about eleven+ years. Our enterprise Sun Sea Plastics is administered by a hard-working enthusiast, Mr R. Meenakshi Sundaram. Mr Meenakshi Sundaram has twenty-five+ years of experience in the plastic industry. We manufacture high-quality plastic products with the assurance of durability ans integrity. The core value of our establishment is the specialized application of colours in the plastic manufacturing process. Our future goal is to expand our sales by establishing an export business. There are many prominent well-established clients of our institution: Mariyam Stores of Madurai, Saraswati Store of Chennai, Santhi Store of Tambaram, JRS Plastics, Jeyachandran Textiles, and Challenge Soap Company.


The prime vision of our institution is to produce supreme quality plastics and supply them to worldwide consumers.


Our supreme mission is to establish the export business by ensuring the integrity of sales and manufacturing.

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Our Sun Sea Plastics Specialities

The Sun Sea Products Categories include quality plastic products characterized by durability and strength such as mugs, bowls, koodai, Muram, stools, buckets, drums, tubs, baskets, trays, dust bins, and jugs. Our product categories are known for the quality and integrity respective of their manufacturing process. The manufacturing process includes varied strategies to assure its resilience and endurance against shear stress. Our Sun Sea Plastics has been associated with many renowned memberships like Yes, Madissia, Pow, and Plasma. Our association with them is characterized by trust and welfare.

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